cardio-island system

Advanced Temperature Control

temperature control

The LIFESuite™ System features advanced temperature control that delivers rapid, stable room temperature when the surgeon calls for it.
 *Cooling rates of 10° F in 10 minutes using building chilled water
 *Heating rates of 10° F in 5 minutes
 *Able to hold temps to ± 1° F

Ultraclean Air Delivered RIGHT

The LIFESuite™ System delivers ultraclean air for those Operating Rooms (ORs) in which surgical procedures carry a high risk of post-operative infection and dilutes airborne contaminants occurring during surgery, removing them quickly and efficiently.  With Air Change Rates (ACH) of 50 and higher, the air is continuously "scrubbed" for cleanliness that meets or exceeds ISO Class 5 for the clean zone.