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Sequence of Operation

The LIFESuite™ System boosts minimum required Air Changes per Hour (ACH) from the air handler through point-of-delivery HEPA filters mounted in a ceiling array above the patient and surgical team in accordance with ASHRAE Standard 170. In addition to the HEPA filters, the system includes in-line fans driven by VFD rated direct-drive motors, MERV 8 filtered return grilles, a Human Machine Interface (HMI) in the OR for the surgical team, and a control cabinet located outside the OR. An HMI in the control cabinet provides access to facilities personnel for configuration and diagnostics. Pressure transducers are included to monitor filter loading for each bank of HEPA filters.

The LIFESuite™ System has optional  temperature control to achieve rapid, yet stable cooling and heating capabilities. Effectively serving as a secondary air handler, it includes coil cabinets, temperature control valves, and temperature sensors for typical cooling rates of 10° F in 10 minutes using standard building chilled water. Heating rates of 10° F in 5 minutes are common as is steady state control to within ±1° F.

The LIFESuite™ System includes a gateway for any communication protocol in the Building Management System.