Lami vent
Construction Matters

The Lami-Vent™ is a true dual chamber laminar diffuser.  Its construction, performance, and appearance earned a position as Basis-of-Design for Master Specifications throughout the United States. 

Why does the diffuser matter?

In an operating room it gets very real very quick.  Contaminated air entering an OR above the operating theater can put a surgical patient at risk.  Lower cost, split-plenum box diffusers often create dangerous pathways between interstitial space and the OR.  Contaminants from interstitial space can be drawn into such diffusers where they mix with clean air and are delivered into an OR directly above the surgical patient.

Furthermore, some single chamber diffuser designs do little to characterize air flow.  This can lead to turbulence, aspiration, and particle entrainment that can similarly put a surgical patient at risk.

Design and construction of the Lami-Vent Laminar Diffuser minimizes the potential for pathways and eliminates the possibility of aspiration.