Lami-AirTM EQ - Putting it all together


Structural support, shown here in green and provided by others, is designed by the structural engineer based on load requirements provided by the imaging equipment manufacturer.

Ceiling-Level Unistrut®

Precision Air Products includes the ceiling-level Unistrut shown here in white and spaced in accordance with the structural engineer’s requirements.  Our ceiling-level strut attaches to the superstructure using standard strut mounting hardware.  It provides a structural link between the equipment rails and the superstructure.



Color-matched framing, shown here in blue, is shipped in pre-welded subsections that are precisely designed to fit between, and hang from, the ceiling-level Unistrut® using standard strut mounting hardware.  Due to tight tolerances required by the imaging equipment manufacturer, Precision Air Products’ Lami-Air EQ is self-leveling.



Equipment Rails

Equipment rails, provided by the imaging equipment manufacturer, are fastened to Precision Air Products’ ceiling level Unistrut®. Our gasketed framing system is drawn tight against the monolithic surround.

Putting it all Together

With the addition of Precision Air Products’ diffusers, fill-in panels, lights (by others), and Unistrut® closure strips, the final Lami-Air EQ System is complete. Overall, an economical ceiling custom designed to accommodate light booms, med gas columns, imaging equipment rails, and other ceiling mounted apparatus. All with ASHRAE Standard 170 compliance in mind!

Finished Ceiling

In the end, the user gets a compliant, fully functional ceiling mounted air delivery system that “looks like it was meant to be there."