imagining lami-air eq
Imaging ORs present significant design challenges

Take a complicated ceiling, add the need to suspend million dollar equipment from it, and then ask it to meet FGI guidelines for proper laminar airflow coverage... and while you’re at it, make it easy to install with a clean aesthetic.  The Lami-Air™ EQ helps you tackle those challenges!

The Lami-Air EQ System is an integrated ceiling ventilation system for ORs with imaging equipment that moves on the ceiling mounted rails above the surgical patient.  Each system is customized for this demanding application and includes the ceiling-level Unistrut®, custom pre-welded single-assembly framing sections, Lami-Vent™ Laminar Flow Diffusers or HEPA-Vent DS (HEPA Diffusers), blank panels around boom supports, framed openings for lay-in light fixtures, and access panels. Functional, compliant ceiling systems that "look like they were meant to there."