High-Risk surgeries demand ULTRACLEAN conditions. The LIFESuite™ Surgical Cleanroom is the successor to the Ortho-Island® and Cardio-Island® systems and is proven through thousands of lab tests.  It delivers HEPA filtered air directly over the patient and surgical team to ensure a continual ISO Class 5 condition. Precise, rapid temperature control AND the ultimate patient protection! Additionally, the effects of SURGICAL SMOKE is dramatically reduced. The LIFESuite™ HEPA filters have a typical lifespan of 5-10 years and cost of operation is minimal. Ultimately, the safety of your patients and the reputation of your hospital are worth protecting. Industry HVAC standards are minimum standards and fall dramatically short of their intended target. We can achieve >99% particle reduction over industry standards, so don't be led down an unsafe path.

The 4 D's of Particle Control

Potentially harmful airborne particulate can come from anywhere, but if surgeons & staff are scrubbing, disinfecting, gowning up, sterilizing equipment, wearing masks & caps, and following strict protocol, then a significant portion MUST be coming from the air!  We use HEPA filtration to stop the particles that may be present in the supply air, but that's only the first step. The amount of air and the method of delivery are critical to ensuring the cleanest possible zone around the patient and surgical staff.  This can be achieved without significant energy costs (less than $7/day). How do we control particulate?

DILUTION | We design our system to deliver up to 3x the recommended amount of HEPA filtered air directly over the patient.  The more clean air we put into the room, the cleaner the air in the room becomes.  Additionally, we use HEPA filtration directly above the patient; we can't count on the cleanliness of the air coming all the way from the filters at the rooftop unit. 

DIVERSION | Particles released NEAR the patient within the area of coverage (Sterile Zone) must be moved downward and away from the table.  With increased airflow, we can ensure that there are adequate velocities even when the system is not cooling.

DEFLECTION | Particles released in the perimeter areas of the OR must be prevented from entering.  The perimeter of the Sterile Zone is a "WALL" of downward moving CLEAN AIR.  A free floating particle cannot penetrate the Sterile Zone.

DISTRIBUTION | Nothing can work if the size and shape of the ceiling system is wrong.  You MUST have a contiguous perimeter of coverage with limited disruptions and the SIZE of the array MUST be large enough to encompass the whole table and staff.  If the coverage is too small, then you lose the ability to have effective DIVERSION and DEFLECTION.