Tight Interstitial

hepa vent ds
There are several choices for tight interstitial space:

The HEPA-Vent DS is available with side or end inlets.
The HEPA-Vent LP Low Profile has a plenum height of 5 ¾” plus inlet collar for an overall height of only 6 ¼”. The room-side replaceable HEPA filter is accessible by opening the perforated faceplate. The HEPA-Vent LP has fully extruded aluminum frame continuously welded on vertical seams. While there is no internal balancing valve due to space limitations, there is a perforated plate above the filter to assist in air distribution across the filter inlet.
When tight interstitial space does not provide space for the HEPA-Vent DS with side or end inlets or the low profile of the HEPA-Vent LP, the Lami-Air™ IP may be a good fit. Click here for more information about the Lami-Air IP.