Hepa-Vent_ ds
Dual Knife Edge

The HEPA-Vent DS is a dual chamber diffuser with a dual knife-edge.  The upper chamber, or pressure chamber, of the HEPA-Vent DS houses the Camfil-Farr Megalam® HEPA filter. The 0.063” thick plenum is stamped, and then fabricated with fully welded corners.  The plenum box forms one of the knife-edges.  The second knife-edge is formed by the faceplate extrusion.  This design eliminates any potential for filter bypass while acting as an added protection against interstitial pathways.  Combined, the HEPA-Vent DS creates the highest integrity HEPA diffuser on the market.

Protection against Interstitial Pathways

Critical Seam Length is the total amount of mating surface within a HEPA diffuser that must be caulked or sealed.  Some competitive HEPA diffusers have more than 18 lineal feet of caulking as their primary seal between their split plenum box and interstitial space.  Caulking can lose its adhesion over time and with handling.  In some cases the caulking can fail before the diffuser is even installed.

Other than the inlet collar, the only critical seams on our HEPA-Vent DS are the corners, which are fully welded and caulked.  The caulking becomes a secondary protection, not the only protection.  Representing approximately 2 lineal feet, this dual protection against interstitial pathways creates the highest integrity plenum box of any diffuser on the market.