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Lami- Air Ceiling Lami Air IP

The Lami-Air™ system is designed for General Operating Rooms.  Considered to be the most precise airflow for protecting the patient from potentially harmful particulate. Click here to learn more.

The Lami-Air IP goes where no other system can go!  Tight interstitial spaces can prove to be huge obstacles for laminar flow, but not with this system. Click here to learn more.
LAMI-AIR™ Ceilings for General Operating Rooms

The Lami-Air family of integrated ceiling ventilation systems goes beyond industry standards and guidelines - and for good reason.  Standards and guidelines represent minimum requirements, but surgical patients deserve more.  Leverage our expertise and let our No-Fee Engineering Assistance simplify your project.

Our systems combine laminar or HEPA diffusers with a robust, gasketed framing system that forms a single-assembly in the ceiling.  Framed openings accommodate general OR lay-in light fixtures.  Fill-in panels complete the aesthetic.  Functional, compliant ceiling systems that "look like they were meant to be there".