Lami-Vent hepa-vent ds
lami vent hepa vent ds

The Lami-Vent™ sustains the reputation for "best-in-class" construction, performance, and aesthetics. This diffuser has offered un-matched value since its introduction in 1974. Click here to learn more.

The HEPA-Vent DS point of delivery HEPA unit offers important safeguards for surgical patients.  A unique dual knife-edge coupled with the shortest Critical Seam Length on the market, provides multiple protections focused on improving patient outcomes. Click here to learn more.
The Diffuser Matters

You can't judge a diffuser by its face, and submittals reveal precious little about their construction. Take a closer look and you'll see striking differences. Why does the diffuser matter? Monolithic ceilings create important barriers intended to prevent potentially dangerous contaminants from entering an operating room from interstitial space. Some diffuser designs violate the integrity of the monolithic ceiling, creating pathways that can expose surgical patients to unnecessary risks. Furthermore, some HEPA diffusers are constructed in a manner that can result in filter bypass, allowing unfiltered supply air to enter an operating room directly above the surgical patient.