Precision Air Products - company Since 1974, Precision Air Products Company has been delivering high quality ceiling ventilation systems for critical environments. Our philosophy? NEVER sacrifice on quality when it comes to safety.
Precision Air Products - niche Our niche is the Operating Room or anywhere laminar flow is critical to the success of your project. We know that a quality ceiling system goes beyond what you see from the room.  It's the integrity of the diffusers, the quality of the components, the characteristics of the air, and your control of potentially harmful particulate.
PAP - value Our value is that we know critical healthcare applications better than anyone - and we're willing to support you every step of the way! Our No-Fee Engineering Assist will get you the compliant design that you desire... no matter how complicated the ceiling!
Precision Air Products - commitment Our commitment is ultimately to the safety of the surgical patient. While there are many risk factors that can contribute to surgical site and post-operative infections, the cleanliness of the air shouldn't be one of them.  In everything we do, we are driven to improve patient outcomes.